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QuickTime is a free multimedia playback framework designed for Mac OS and With QuickTime Pro, which can be unlocked via a license key purchased from.

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All my photo editing happens on iPad. This past spring I began using my iPad Pro for all my photo editing. So, it makes the most sense for me to continue using the Photos app as the central spot for all my photos.

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Seamless integration with messages and iOS. It includes:. And iOS puts it together with extreme privacy. As I was just now looking through my own For You tab, there were 13 sets of Memories that my iPhone had prepared for me. Three of them really stood out to me:. Trips to Castle Rock over the years. It even includes the photos taken on my fancy camera. Anna Over the Years: A collection of photos of my wife. Compare these two screenshots of my For You tab. The one on the left was from September and the one on the right is from yesterday.

On the left, it kicks off right away with a sharing suggestion because I had just recently been on a trip. On the right, this week the For You tab is leading with Memories.

I love how the For You tab is actively surfacing photos and videos that are relevant, unique, and interesting today. This is basically how your photo library works now as well. Moreover, I can even use Siri to quickly perform a search. As you can imagine, while writing I was also digging around in the Photos app… and, well, I ended up spending quite a bit of time just scrolling through old photos. It was fantastic. Thanks to the Memories, I was perusing photos of Anna and I that were taken back in just weeks before our third son was born.

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Picasa - Still The Best & Most Versatile Photo Manager Available

JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Sep 19, 1 0 King of Prussia. I'd like it to have a folder structure that I can drag and drop photos into it. It needs to allow multiple types of images to reside in it as I have a couple cameras and an iPhone, as well as images I made on a scanner.

Which is the best?

I do not want to do my photo editing with this software. I don't like Photos at all as it is tricky and keeps messing me up. Does anyone have a recommendation? What other info would you need?

Appreciate any thoughts. Jul 13, 3, Lightroom through the Photography CC plan.

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It would do that. But it sounds like you could also get by with a photo browser, just some software optimized for searching and looking at images you yourself just store in folders. Both do hierarchical keywording, which can really help with organizing. Non-Nikon users can benefit from using it for its other capabilities. First and foremost, besides it being an import tool, it allows users to browse and sort through their files. It can read embedded location data to pinpoint and map where photos were taken. VieNX-i also supports use with social networking sites and other web services.

It comes packaged with a movie editor that makes processing and editing your videos a lot easier. The application also interfaces and works with Capture NX-D which can be used to convert and save raw images as other file types. XnView is one of the oldest photo viewers and organizers. XnView in its current iteration has seen a lot of attention and critical acclaim. But still, no product is perfect and everything can be improved upon. XnViewMP comes with everything that the original does which includes a hex inspector and a facility to batch rename and edit your files.

It also has multilingual for non-English users.

Best Photo Editing Software (PC and Mac)

Nomacs is another free open source entry on our list. One of the things that makes Nomacs unique is its ability to browse through images in a zip file or Microsoft Office document.

Help Me, LAPTOP: What Photo Organizing and Editing Software Should I Use?

Nomacs is light-weight and user-friendly. It has semi-transparent widgets that show added information such as metadata. It has an expandable file explorer panel for easier image browsing. The user interface is well organized and its main focus is on the images shown through the application.