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Mac Lethal - "Citrus" (now on Itunes)

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Irish Goodbye | Mac Lethal

Kyle Balek. GL Raz. Josh Hewitt. Justin Walsh. Adam Beamer. Purchasable with gift card. Supernova Til the Casket Drops The Watchmaker Theory Tech N9ne Cousin Tiffany's Wedding Skip to content. Oh, right! I was going to say that whenever things get hectic or I get upset for whatever reason, I can always count on Uncle Mac to lift my spirits. North Korean BBQ is Mac Lethal being dealt a bad hand at life, fighting a whole bunch of demons and trying to stay alive.

Irish Goodbye , however, is Mac Lethal having triumphed over most of that shit, being slightly older, much wiser and content with living life one day at a time, taking as many lazy Sundays as he wants. As such, Irish Goodbye is an album overflowing with positive mental attitude and pretty much my ultimate feel-good music ever. Which is what anyone who has been following him over time has learned to expect from him. The rest, as they say, is history.

Mac Lethal

Share this: Twitter Facebook Google. The beats range in prices so be sure to click the individual track to see what each one costs you. Non-profit use is like if you wanted to rap over the beat for your free mixtape or EP or something like that.

So be sure to check out the beats above and lemme know what you think. Thanks a lot for the support and have a happy new year.

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Hopefully some of you rappers can really kill these. My buddy re-sold me his axiom 25 that I sold to him a few years ago and I got to work. School starts tomorrow, bad bad bad bad news. Hopefully I can keep pushin with this music shit. Have a good one. Good people — I, Rob Fel, just dropped some new beats on my bandcamp. I got some oldies in there that I never got the chance to finish, along with some relatively brand new ones.

The beats are relatively cheap for leasing rights, and if you want exclusive rights on a beat just email me and we can negotiate a straight price. I appreciate every dollar I get and all my earnings are put back into my music. Hope you like em and God bless. Check out the new beats here: