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QuickTime is a free multimedia playback framework designed for Mac OS and With QuickTime Pro, which can be unlocked via a license key purchased from.

Here's why you could be denied one, says Apple. Too many debts, bad debts, late payments, and bankruptcy could stop you getting an Apple Card. Apple's warning: Break Safari's web-tracking rules and we'll hit back. Scary iPhone battery warning is to 'protect' customers, says Apple. Apple explains why iOS displays a warning following unauthorized battery replacements.

This iMac Pro server rack is both beautiful and powerful

Apple's AirPods are giving people nightmares so why am I giggling? It seems that humans are becoming so attached to their earrings by Cupertino that they're waking up screaming at the thought of losing them. Smartphones in The best of times or worst of times? One man's heaven is another man's hell.

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Sonnet RACKPRO2X - Rack Mac Pro - 4U Rack Kit for 2 Mac Pro - Used

Join Discussion. Add Your Comment. Apple Admins wanted for Mac Outlook setup survey. Apple Pairing an iOS device to a hearing aid. Apple Parsing the Mac implications in Apple's Q3 earnings call.

Please review our terms of service to complete your newsletter subscription. You agree to receive updates, alerts and promotions from CBS and that CBS may share information about you with our marketing partners so that they may contact you by email or otherwise about their products or services. You may unsubscribe from these newsletters at any time. Latest iOS 13 beta reveals September 10 as potential iPhone 11 launch date Apple is expected to announce new iPhones next month, and now we may know the exact day. With the Mac Pro shipping in ever larger quantities, accessory makers are beginning to offer rack-mountable solutions for Apple's oddly shaped professional tower.

Last month, I highlighted a few ways to beef up the Mac Pro itself, such as adding external storage, more RAM, or upgrading the processor. Since then, a number of products have been announced to help professional Mac Pro users rack mount their machines to make them more — or less — portable. For thieves, the Mac Pro is a lot easier to pick up if it isn't in a rack.

For entertainment professionals, especially concert technicians and video crews that need computing power in the field, installing the Mac Pro in a portable rack mount is a necessity.

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Sonnet recently announced a pair of rack mount enclosures for the new Mac Pro. The first, called the xMac Pro Server Figure A , adds a number of power user expansion options to the mix.

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The xMac Pro Server includes space and power for three PCIe slots connected via Thunderbolt 2, supporting up to three full-length, full-height, single-width cards, or one double-width and an additional single-width card combined. Automatic variable-speed fans keep everything cool, while three rear-mounted USB 3.

New 4U rack mount option for new Mac Pro - Gearslutz

On the front, a single USB 3. There's enough room to snake Thunderbolt 2 cables from the Mac Pro out the rear of the device, and there is mounting support for specialty Thunderbolt adapters like the Promise SANLink Fibre Channel adapter. Shipping is estimated for June. Dual Thunderbolt 2 ports make for easy daisy-chaining of multiple TB2 devices. LaCie says a full rack of 36 8big Rack would have 1.

Shipping is estimated for Q2 of , in 4 or 8-disk configurations.